Having taught for 22 years, I have thousands evaluations and reviews on how I teach and relate to students. 
Here are some of them.
“Celia is very good at relating the subject material to real-life situations. In fact, she is the best at this that I have ever seen in my experience"
             Merridith, 29
This was an awesome training that has the potential to change the world. I love the activities and the well written sessions topped with incredible information. Sheila, 34
I loved this whole class. I learned a lot. This class has opened and widened my eyes.
Machala, 31 
“Very comprehensive program!”
              Keisha, 47
“Celia is a beautiful person and a wonderful inspiration to all whom have the pleasure of meeting her. I loved this class. ”
             Kelly, 34
The instructor is very competent, knowledgeable, about the course content
Loren, 23
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