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My story
I began my professional career in 1988 as a social worker. At a crossroads about what I can do to help women in street prostitution. Realizing their was minimal available information, I went out on the street for 6 months, 3 times a week, to learn about street based prostitution and sex trafficking. I interviewed women on the street, went into crack houses, a brothel, and went into jails to talk to women. I met many survivor-teachers and received a lot of wisdom. At the end of 6 months, we worked together to develop the first direct service anti-trafficking program in Ohio. I spent years engaged in street work, group work, individual counseling, and case management with this population.
Connecting with old friends, I found out that three of my childhood friends were trafficked and one was murdered by a customer. My friend Emma that died while a trafficked adult victim is on the right. I'm in the middle. We were besties and played dolls, made mud pies, built forts, and dreamed about what we would become as adults.
Having graduated in 2000 with my PhD, I spent the next 10 years winning federal grants from the Department of Justice and the National Institutes of Health and was immersed in sex trafficking focused research, publishing, presenting, and organizing.
I earned early tenure and would go on in later years to become a full professor and a distinguished professor. I also founded what would grow to become international and hold the title of being the oldest and largest academic conference on human trafficking in the nation called the "Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference."
I built a thriving local Human Trafficking Coalition that has 80 members, including social services, health care, criminal justice professionals, faith-based members, university professors and students, activists, survivors, and others. In later years I would go on to serve as Chair of the Research and Analysis Committee of the Trafficking in Persons State Commission. I spent the next several years immersed in the work, teaching, engaged in research, and focused on organizing communities to fight against human trafficking. I was also inducted into the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.
I was awarded the Key to the City (Toledo, Ohio), and was named the 26th Most Influential Social Worker alive today. https://www.socialworkdegreeguide.com/30-most-influential-social-workers-alive-today/ 
We opened the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute where I serve as the Executive Director. The team works on research and evaluation, coordinating projects, organizing the community and are passionate about making a difference.
I worked with others across the U.S. and around the world to create the Global Association of Human Trafficking Scholars. I also received the honor of being named a Distinguished Professor. 
I started the Emancipation Nation Podcast and Emancipation Nation Network to help anti-trafficking advocates become more effective in their work to free others in the world. I am truly blessed and want to spend the rest of my career helping passionate and committed advocates do their best. 
About the Best Life Curriculum...
The Best Life Prevention Curriculum for At Risk Girls was developed out of the frustration of seeing passionate and committed advocates looking for effective tools. I spent the last 26 years as an anti-trafficking advocate and researcher. I devoted three of those years just studying, evaluating, and experimenting and took the time to develop one of the most effective anti-trafficking curriculums for at-risk girls possible. The curriculum consists of 8 sessions that guide facilitators to provide effective and compelling content, fun activities to solidify the lessons learned, and a time to process. Each lesson builds on another, and all lessons include a pre and post-test to measure success. Facilitators are trained by me and receive step-by-step instruction, a full 8 session class, the complete Best Life Guide equipped with definitions and instructions, fully developed activities, discussion questions, and a weekly live Q & A and tips from the instructor.

Human Trafficking Prevention Curriculum
You Have a Story Too...
Let your story start today on how you got on the path to making a meaningful difference in the lives of at-risk girls.

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