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Best Life Human Trafficking Prevention Curriculum for Girls

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How the Course Works
And how it will work for you
Here's what happens in the course
  • Weekly Lessons: You'll receive 2 lessons per week delivered to your email for 4 weeks. Each lesson will consist of a video lecture teaching you about the session with youth, how to deliver the session, the activity, and discussion. You'll also receive the written chapter for the Best Life Human Trafficking Prevention for At-Risk Girls Guide.  
  •  Live Weekly Sessions. Join me and other Best Life facilitators each week to answer questions, gain support, and discuss a variety of topics from the best ways to recruit youth into your groups to how to handle certain situations and disclosures.
  • Process of Each Lesson. You'll ask for questions and concerns, provide the pre-test, teach the lesson, facilitate the activity, process the lesson, provide the post-test, and close the session.
Here's what you'll get...
A Quick Overview;
  •  You'll get 8 fully developed sessions and a complete guide that outlines each session including definitions, details, and discussion for implementing the course.
  •  You'll get easy to implement and score pre and post-test evaluations to be used before and after each session, so that you know you are making a difference and youth are understanding and adopting the concepts.
  •  You'll get the permission slips for parents, certificates of completion for youth, and a certificate for youth as a Certified Best Life Facilitator
  • ​You'll get live weekly sessions with me to answer questions, receive tips, and discuss topics!
What the Curriculum  Covers
I've provided everything  you need
  • An Effective Model. Because most sex and labor trafficking happens through manipulation, we teach at-risk girls how to see it coming and avoid it by using an effective method called the "SAFER Model" I developed during my three year study on human trafficking prevention.
  • Covering Important Topics. Because vulnerable girls are most at risk, the content focuses on those experiences that are emotionally and physical risky and teaches skills that equip girls with the tools to lower risk and increase protective factors.  
  • Simple and Fun. The curriculum is easy to use, thought provoking for girls and, most of all, the activities are fun! 
Not interested in our curriculum? 
I'd still love to help you find a quality human trafficking prevention curriculum that best suits you. The guide below is based on a scientific literature review of the necessary elements needed for an effective human trafficking prevention curriculum. 
Click here to get your copy of The TRAFFICKING Curriculum Assessment Tool
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